Managing Your Blood Pressure

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A blood pressure test is the only way to find out if your blood pressure is too high or too low because most people won't have any obvious symptoms. Having a test is easy and could save your life.

Patient resources and support

The British Heart Foundation have a wide range of tools, information and support available, all of which can be accessed via the ‘Manage your blood pressure at home hub’ which is a hub created to help measure and manage blood pressure at home: 

How to measure blood pressure at home - video

Video demonstration on with a BHF Senior Cardiac Nurse, demonstrating to patients how to measure blood pressure at home.

High Blood Pressure and Coronavirus

BHF medical experts answer questions about how the Covid-19 coronavirus can affect people with heart disease, including hypertension.

6 tips for reducing blood pressure

Tips to help reduce your blood pressure, or control it following a diagnosis of high blood pressure.

Understanding blood pressure booklet.

Booklet for people with high blood pressure to help them understand the condition. Including information on what high blood pressure is, and how to reduce it. These are available to download or to order in print.

Online community

Free online space for people with heart and circulatory conditions to get information and support from people who are going through similar situations.

Other resources for patients can be found at:

Everyone Health Southend

Everyone Health provides a free service for people aged 16 and above who live or work in Southend or are registered with a Southend GP practice. This includes support to lose weight, eat more healthily and get active.