Ask Your Pharmacist week

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Patients in Southend-on-Sea are being urged to make a much better use of their local pharmacist in order to reduce pressure on GP appointments and the hospital’s A&E department. The appeal is being made as part of Ask Your Pharmacist Week (9-15 November 2015).

Play your part so you get the right care

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Dr Jose Garcia LoberaBy Dr Jose Garcia Lobera, chair of NHS Southend CCG

The health system across Southend is in a state of peaks and troughs. Some services, such as A&E, are being overused and as a result are under great pressure. Others, like our local pharmacists, are not being used enough and so have spare capacity. Local health partners, including the hospital and council, are working with us to ensure people are using local health services appropriately. 

Join a patient group in memory of patient rep Alan

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Tributes have been paid to patient representative Alan Joseph who passed away this month.

Alan was chair of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) at the Valkyrie Surgery in Westcliff-on-Sea, and also vice-chair of Southend’s PPG Forum which represents patients from all 35 practices in the borough.

Protect your unborn baby this winter with a free flu jab

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Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy is important for your baby’s growth and development. The immune system is naturally lower during pregnancy, so should you catch the flu it can become serious very quickly. So, the NHS in south east Essex is encouraging all pregnant women to get a free flu vaccination this autumn/winter.