Love your lungs and breathe easy

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NHS Southend CCG and NHS Castle Point and Rochford CCG are supporting Breathe Easy week and urging people to ‘love their lungs’.

This year, Breathe Easy week runs from the 17 – 23 June. Events are organised by support groups including the NHS all across the UK. It was initially started by the British Lung Foundation (BLF), in an attempt to raise awareness and focus on lung health.

Regular exercise is something people can incorporate into their daily routine and will help manage not only physical but mental wellbeing and possibly prevent other health issues from becoming a problem in the future.

How to keep active with a lung condition:

  • Being active at home, such as gardening or walking your dog can help to increase activity levels.
  • Going to the gym, swimming or yoga are all suitable for someone with a lung condition.
  • Maybe even join a local singing group! Singing exercises the breathing muscles, builds stamina through vocal exercises and can help breathing and wellbeing.

Tricia D’Orsi, NHS Southend and NHS Castle Point and Rochford CCG Chief Nurse said:

“Keeping active is vital for the management of any lung condition. Physical exercise programmes designed for people with lung disease are a good way to learn how to exercise safely and at the right level for the individual. If you feel your breathing may be affected, in the first instance visit your local pharmacist. They can offer tailored advice on taking extra measures such as stopping smoking and trying various breathing techniques to prevent further adverse effects and help you to better manage your condition. If you’re really concerned make an appointment to see your GP.”