Planning ahead for tonight’s World Cup match

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With World Cup fever taking hold, the NHS in south east Essex is urging people to look after themselves, act responsibility and use NHS services sensibly: please think twice before heading to A&E or calling 999 when it’s not an emergency.

Here are some top tips to keep well whilst enjoying the football:

  • Drink alcohol sensibly – intersperse your alcoholic drinks with water and stick to safe levels
  • If you need urgent medical care when your GP surgery is closed, call NHS 111 and they will make sure you receive the advice and care you need
  • Barbecue safety – If you break out the barbecue, ensure you have followed all the safety guidance properly and food is thoroughly cooked through to avoid any injuries or upset stomachs
  • Keep hydrated – if you’re feeling thirsty, lightheaded, dizzy or tired, you may be dehydrated. Make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic cold drinks available and drink enough so that your pee is a pale clear colour
  • Keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet at home, with medicines such as paracetamol which can treat a number of everyday illnesses
  • Take early action – seek advice from your local pharmacy if you have a long term health condition and are starting to feel unwell before it gets more serious. Further advice can be found at:
  • Use Emergency Services wisely – please only call 999 when it’s a serious injury or a life threatening situation such as unconsciousness, heavy loss of blood, severe chest pain or stroke

Dr Jose Garcia-Lobera, local GP and Chair for NHS Southend CCG advises:

“We want everyone to enjoy the sunshine and the football, but to also just take a few simple steps to ensure you and your family are prepared for all eventualities. Don’t forget NHS 111 can organise an out of hour GP appointment when needed.”