Update from NHS Southend Clinical Commissioning Group

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NHS England Midlands and East (East) has made an application to place NHS Southend Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) into special measures. If approved, this will put additional support in place for the CCG to help make the improvements required.

 Ian Stidston, Accountable Officer at NHS Southend CCG, said:

“NHS Southend Clinical Commissioning Group is not currently in special measures. Within Southend-on-Sea we continue to face significant financial challenges, with an on-going rise in demand for services and the associated increase in costs. At the beginning of this financial year, in order to meet our financial plan, we identified that we needed to make savings in excess of £18.2 million. As of this month we have identified a risk of £7m within this financial year.

“We have been completely transparent with both our local population and NHS England over the past few years about our increasing financial challenges. NHS England has now expressed a view that we should work more closely together, with NHS England offering additional support to identify potential solutions to these challenges.

“In order to facilitate this, NHS England has made an application to place NHS Southend CCG in special measures. If approved, this would also provide assurance that our agreed action plans are effective and achievable.”