Primary Care Commissioning Committee meetings

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Primary Care Co-Commissioning Committee meetings

The five CCGs in Mid and South Essex are now all fully delegated for the commissioning of primary care, which means that they are responsible for commissioning General Practice services for the populations that they serve.

Each CCG has a Primary Care Commissioning Committee, which is a sub-committee of their Governing Body, and these committees meet in common to conduct their business. In the interests of transparency and openness, the Primary Care Commissioning Committee meetings are held in public and members of the public are warmly invited to attend.

The schedule of meeting dates for the year are as follows:

  • Thursday 16 June 2022 at 2pm

The agenda and papers for every meeting are published here one week before each meeting. Papers will be published on the Primary Care Commissioning Committee papers page.

If you are a member of the public and you would like to attend the meeting, please email Viv Barnes ( who can forward a meeting link.

Printed copies of meeting papers will only be available on request.

Holding our providers to account

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The CCG is responsible for planning and buying (commissioning) local healthcare services. The services we buy are:

  • Hospital services
  • Mental health services
  • GP services
  • Community services
  • Some voluntary community sector services

There are individual organisations that provide these services. The main providers in Southend are:

  • Our 27 GP practices
  • Southend University NHS Foundation Trust – hospital
  • Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust – mental health and community
  • Care and Nursing Homes

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is responsible for social care services and public health.

We find out what engagement work the different organisations are doing and we work together as much as possible. We also take action on the back of feedback we get from engagement work.

How we hold providers to account

When providers want to make a change to a service, they should let the commissioners know.  We then ask about their plans to involve patients in their changes and either get involved as commissioners where that is appropriate, or ask to see the engagement reports before any decisions are made.  

Here are some of examples of when that might happen:

Our Quality and Safety team and our Equality Lead are really important in this as they will hear about changes through quality review meetings with providers.  We work closely with them to make sure the CCG is asking the right questions, focusing most on those people who will find it hardest to access our services.



Quality Awards

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Our Quality Awards aim to celebrate all the great work going on in primary care across south east Essex.

It is estimated that over 4,000 appointments take place every day in GP practices across south east Essex.  Most of us never get to hear about the positive stories, the staff that go the extra mile for their patients. It is true to say many of them save lives every day of the week.

From GPs, nurses, pharmacists and health care assistants on the front lines of health care, to reception staff and vital clerical roles supporting people day-to-day, these awards are open to everyone working in GP Practices that helps make a difference to the health of people in south east Essex.

We ask for nominations from GP practices for six categories, with an additional category for the public to nominate their People's Choice. This can be any member of GP practice staff, clinical or non-clinical, that make a difference to patients' lives.

Readers Panel

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Have your say with our Readers’ Panel

Castle Point & Rochford Clinical Commissioning Group and Southend Clinical Commissioning Group are committed to engaging with, listening to and learning from our patients and carers. One of the ways we do this is through our Readers’ Panel which helps us to ensure that our publications are information and easy to understand. Read the leaflet for more information

We'd like to recruit a variety of people, with different interests, backgrounds, and of different ages  

Agreeing to get involved in this should not take too much time – especially if we have a number of volunteers.  As some publications may take longer to read then others, we will always ensure that members of our Readers’ Panel have plenty of time to respond.   It is not expected that there will be publications available each month.

The sort of things we are talking about could include:
  • Letters
  • Policies, plans and strategies
  • Guidance and patient information
  • Information on our website

Panel quote

If you are interested in becoming a Readers’ Panel member or would like to know more then please contact Amanda Shears, Patient Engagement Officer email or telephone 01268 464546

You Said, We Did: Living Well Newsletter

We'd like to extend a big thank you to our CCGs’ Readers’ Panel for helping to review this publication and for all their feedback.

If you’d like more information or to get involved in the Readers’ Panel, let us know by emailing

Below are some of the changes we made to our latest edition, based on the feedback we’ve received on the first issue of Living Well and through our Readers’ Panel review of the publication.

You said We did
The size of the first edition of the newsletter was too small – it could make it more difficult for some audiences to read. 

We made the first edition of the newsletter an A6 pocket-guide, so that people could pick this up and carry it around with them, should they wish to.

However, we appreciate that this could make it more difficult for some people to read, so for the winter edition of the newsletter and going forward, we have printed the publication in the larger, A5 size.

The text size, amount of text and layout could be improved, so that it’s easier to navigate.

We have increased the font size of the winter edition of Living Well, and we have also amended the layout so that there is only a single column, rather than multiple columns.

We have also tried to reduce text as much as possible – so that only essential information is included. We’ve incorporated as much Plain English as possible – so it’s easy and clear to read.

Place contact details e.g. phone numbers for each service referenced

We have included telephone numbers where possible for all the services we’ve listed in the newsletter – so that people can easily contact a service, should they need to.

Be part of the discussion

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Get involved in helping us to engage, connect, inform and inspire our communities

This page will let you know about opportunities to be involved in shaping healthcare services in Southend. There are also details of events and workshops that have already been held.

Join the discussion on proposals to change the way your local NHS works together

A discussion document for public feedback on the proposals for NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Mid and South Essex to come together launched on 14 Febraury 2020.

The proposed changes, set out in the: “Working Together for Mid and South Essex – Share your views on how NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups are proposing to work together.”, document are looking at how we as local NHS commissioning organisations meet the requirements set out in the 2019 NHS Long Term Plan. This Plan sets out a vision for commissioning and provision of services to be more integrated across the health and care system. The Plan also talks about developing Integrated Care Systems, with one commissioning organisation. 

There are 1.2 million people living in Mid and South Essex, who are served by a £1.64 billion budget and currently five CCGs managing this budget. The proposals to merge the five CCGs in to one organisation will enable the organisations to work in a more streamlined way. It means decisions about developing health and care services can be made quicker and more efficiently.

The CCGs are seeking views from local people, healthcare professionals and partner organisations on how we can maintain a strong focus on ensuring health and care services are working for people at a local level. We also want to see what the benefits and risks are of commissioning services over a wider area, and how we can maintain a strong clinical and patient focus as the CCGs begin the process of becoming a single commissioning body.

Find out more about the proposed changes in the discussion document, “Working Together for Mid and South Essex” which can be downloaded from each of the CCGs’ websites, and provide feedback via:

Following the launch of the discussion document inviting feedback on the proposals for NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Mid and South Essex to come together, we will be holding a public drop-in session on Thursday 5 March between 10am and 12pm at Audley Mills Education Centre, Rayleigh (2nd floor). The session is a chance for our executive team to listen to local ideas, thoughts and concerns.  It is intentionally being held at the beginning of the process to that we can understand what matters to local people and give them the opportunity to ask any questions they have about the proposed merger and why we are doing it.

Workshop: Health and Wellbeing in Shoebury

This workshop was help on 16 January 2020 at The Salvation Army, Frobisher Way, Shoebury. Thanks to all that came along to a workshop organised by Southend Association Voluntary Services (SAVS), Southend Borough Council and NHS Southend CCG. The workshop focussed on how we can all work together on the topic of health and wellbeing of those living in Shoebury, which is in the 'East' locality in line with the south east Essex Locality Strategy. We wanted to build on what existing insight and previous involvement activities and help share information about local service developments 

The feedback we received will help shape future workshops which will support the modelling of the East locality development plans which seek to empower local communities to help people recognise and develop their own abilities and potential to stay healthy and well closer to home. A report with feedback from the workshop will be uploaded soon. Our Shoebury engagement summary report outlines previous community engagement and health and care developments in this area

For more information about the East locality development please contact Rachel Davies, Locality Development Manager:

 West Central Roadshow - 10-24 February 2020

We are working in partnership with Southend Borough Council will be out on the road in our ‘Localities Van’ visiting many different people and places over an intensive three week period, as part of a packed schedule of engagement in and around Westcliff, Prittlewell and Blenheim in line with the south east Essex Locality Strategy.

We are planning to join existing community events as well as host our own in a variety of locations seven days a week over a three week period.

We would like to speak to as many people as possible about what’s great and working well and what the local challenges/aspirations are and what action we can support to improve the wellbeing of the local community.

We would like to hear from anyone who would like to join us or help us in some way at one of our events or would like more information about West Central locality development please contact Jo Dickinson, Locality Development Manager:

Canvey Community Engagement Week - 3-9 February 2020

Come and join the conversation to help us to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in Canvey. This work links to our Locality Strategy and aims to keep people living well for as long as possible.

If your organisation has an interest in the health and wellbeing of the residents of Canvey Island and you would like to know more about the engagement week or would like more information about this work then please do get in touch with Sarah Mills, Locality Development Manager

or Lee Watson, Locality Development Manager:

Musculoskeletal conditions - join our patient group

Castle Point & Rochford and Southend Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are responsible for commissioning Healthcare services for South East Essex. Services provided for patients with musculoskeletal conditions (MSK) are currently provided by your local GP practices, Southend University Hospital Foundation Trust (SUHFT) and a small number of community providers.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) means a disorder, or injury with your muscles, bones, or joints.

The CCGs are undertaking a review of these services in order to determine current efficiency and value for money, with a view to redesigning the way that they are delivered. There is much evidence that the best service designs are informed by clinicians and patients so the CCGs are setting up a Patient Advisory Group to work alongside an existing Clinical Advisory Group (MSK Network Group). The two groups will inform and critique the current provision of service and then consider positive changes that would make significant improvements. Patient experience and value for money will be our priorities

The Patient Group will perform a very significant role in the future development of MSK services by representing the larger patient population. The Group will work together to:

  • inform the MSK Network Group (clinicians and service managers) on areas of service that require improving and how successful it is from the patient’s perspective 
  • advise on the development of future changes that will promote innovative ways of working, to provide a service that meets service users’ needs as fully and as simply as possible.
  • actively support and promote agreed developments through to implementation 
  • support the MSK Network Group in the development of required patient information/ communications

If you or someone you know has a lived experience of local MSK services and would like to be part of these discussion please contact Amanda Shears, Patient Engagement Officer on Direct Line 01268 464546 : Mobile 07580 904824 : Email

We have also developed an online survey focusing on how you use Musculoskeletal Services and are keen to seek your views to identify opportunities to ensure that musculoskeletal services offer patients the right care at the right time.  If you would like to take part in the survey please click

 Livewell Southend website

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, in partnership with NHS Southend CCG, has recently launched a new website called Livewell Southend. This website, previously known as the Southend Information Point (SHIP), aims to have information about all the services and support you need to live well in Southend. You are invited to share your experience of the website by leaving feedback.