Patient and Community Reference Group

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This is the core steering group for the CCGs engagement and involvement activities and it is chaired by the Chief Executive of Southend Association of Voluntary Services, Kristina Jackson.

We have produced an induction document to support patient group members in their involvement with the CCG.

The group has a diverse membership across many different areas of our local community and has a wide range of different age groups from late teens, to older people. Membership consists of representatives from:

  • Local voluntary organisations
  • Residents Associations
  • LGBT groups
  • Cultural and minority groups
  • Mental health groups
  • Community Advisors
  • Patient Participation Groups
  • Health specific support groups
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Public Health
  • Southend Borough Council
  • Southend Youth Council
  • Southend YMCA
  • Healthwatch (Southend)
  • Local Acute Trust
  • Ambulance Trust
  • Learning Disability groups

The meetings are held once a month and the style and agenda for meetings is mixed, with a formal agenda giving items for discussion and regular workshop sessions, where members engage in specific pieces of work or projects to assist the CCG in the development and implementation of plans.

We recognise that local people and representatives who give their time and skills to us should receive fulfilment from their role, developmental opportunities and respect for the contribution they make.  Training and development is routinely offered to member of our Patient and Community Reference Group.  

The Vice Chair of our Patient and Community Reference Group has recently taken up the offer of coaching for patient and public voice partners to further develop their strategic or practical skills. 

Further information about this development opportunity is available on the Involvement Hub

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How do we make sure the patient voice is heard?

Patient engagement is represented at Governing Body by a lay member for Patient & Public Involvement.  A big part of this role is to:

  • Gain assurance that the CCG is meeting its patient and public involvement (PPI) duties and use their expertise to support a particular focus on reducing identified health inequalities.
  • Seeks assurance that the voice of the local population is heard, including that of all vulnerable groups and communities
  • Gain assurance that the CCG is meeting its duties under the Equality Act, and that a culture of equality and diversity is embedded within the organisation e.g. providing challenge and input around the CCGs’ efforts to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity amongst people with protected characteristics and tackle prejudice by promoting understanding.

Patient involvement is also very much a part of our project planning processes ensuring all staff understand the importance of making sure local people with lived experience have a strong voice.

Details of patient engagement activities can be found in our Annual Reports and in Accountable Officer updates that are presented at each public Governing Body meeting.

Some comments from current members of the group:

“The Public Health Team at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has been an active participant in the Community Engagement and Advisory Group. The Group has provided opportunities for engaging with members who play an active role in representing their organisation. The Group has provided Public Health a space to promote its role of improving population health; informing members about public health services; and, enabling the Group to participate in activities such as the Physical Activity Survey.” Simon Ford – Health Improvement Practitioner Advanced, Southend Borough Council.

“As a member of the Community Engagement Advisory Group is part of a journey. Those of us who are active in our community must try and integrate our input into the CCG and utilise all opportunities with our co-members, to assist the work of the group but to ensure we look to develop and keep the work topical and practical for our Community. We cannot all be there every meeting, but I find the feedback is essential, thus to stay up-to-date! It is an essential level I believe as a filter and progressor for process!” Kim Woodyer-Byers, Squirrels Voluntary Club

“My name is Judith Snell, and on the Community Engagement Advisory Group, I represent a charity called SAFE (Supporting Asperger Families in Essex). Autism is described as a hidden disability and people with the condition are lacking in social skills. By representing this group, I am able to pass on information that may not otherwise be reaching our members, due to their disability.I have also found that I can be the ‘voice’ for our members that are so very often forgotten. I count it a privilege to have a seat on the advisory group and trust that our contributions go a little way to making life easier for all the organisations that are represented.” Judith Snell – SAFE, Essex.