Our Governing Body

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pdf NHS Southend CCG - Declarations of Interests Register  (145 KB) (as at January 2020)

Voting members


Dr Kate Barusya Dr Krishna Chaturvedi Dr Jose Garcia Lobera
Dr Kate Barusya
Clinical lead for Maternity, Children and Young People
Dr Krishna Chaturvedi
Clinical Executive Committee Chair
Dr Jose Garcia Lobera
CCG Chair and Clinical Lead for Mental Health
Dr Sharon Hadley Dr Brian Houston Dr Hon Ng
Dr Sharon Hadley
Clinical Lead for Unplanned Care
Dr Brian Houston
Clinical Lead for Planned Care
Dr Hon Ng
Clinical Lead for Prescribing
Dr Taz Syed    
Dr Taz Syed
Clinical Lead for Quality and Continuing Health Care and Safeguarding Children

Executive members

Anthony McKeever 02 Tricia DOrsi 2 Mark Barker
Anthony Mckeever
Executive Lead Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership & Joint Accountable Officer for its 5 CCGs (Interim)
Tricia D'Orsi
Deputy Accountable Officer
Mark Barker
Chief Finance Officer
Jacqui Lansley    
Jacqui Lansley
Director of Integrated Care Commissioning
NHS Southend CCG and Southend Borough Council

Lay members

Janis Gibson Tracey Grimbley Pauline Stratford 
Janis Gibson
Lay member, Patient Participation and Involvement
Tracey Freeman
Lay member, Governance
Pauline Stratford
Lay member, Primary Care

Consultant member


Dr Sreeman Andole    
Dr Sreeman Andole
Secondary Care Consultant